More new products coming from Dreamfields Pasta?

by karlb on February 7, 2006

I just received a survey from Dreamfields Pasta via email this afternoon, the makers of the only low-carb/low-glycemic-response pasta that tastes like real pasta. In addition to the obvious questions about pasta taste preferences and nutritional concerns, there were two final questions about how likely I would be to buy Dreamfields lasagna or rotini pasta.

My answer? VERY likely. In fact, make that an absolute certainty.

For lasagne, I’ve had to settle for Mueller’s reduced carb lasagna pasta. Still more carbs than I’d like, but better than nothing.

Now, I’ll wait to see if Dreamfields brings lasagna to the market.

If you want to let Dreamfields know how you feel about new additions to their pasta line, please sign up for their mailing list at You can also use their contact form to let them know just how badly you want Dreamfields lasagna or rotini at Dreamfield’s Contact Form.

Get writing! I want my lasagna!

12/18/2007 Update: Yes, Dreamfields lasagna has been available for months now. I’ve used it with great success. Flavor and texture are perfect. And the effective carb count is VERY low. Go out and get some today and treat yourself to great lasagna again!.

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