Soy-free Low Carb Baking – Part 1

by karlb on January 15, 2006

About two years ago I gave up on soy after a medical study hit the mainstream media outlets. The study focused on Japanese-American men who consumed large quantities of soy in their diets and suggested links between soy consumption and Alzheimer-like premature brain aging. Additional studies linked soy to increased risk of breast cancer in women and developmental problems in infants and children.

Those stories led me to poke around the web in search of more information about soy. What I found disturbed me. Like most other dietary issues, there are two camps: in this case, pro soy and anti soy. Both camps tout plenty of evidence to buttress their positions.

But one fact about soy made my decision for me: Phytoestrogens, also known as plant estrogens. These are plant analogues of the hormone produced by women. As a man, I’m not comfortable with introducing any form of estrogen into my body. And for women, the debate is on as to whether phytoestrogens pose a cancer risk or can benefit women entering menopause.

So soy was out for me. As a low carber since 1998, I had come to rely on soy flour in my cooking and baking. My decision made, I purged the kitchen of soy products. Now I had a new dilemma: How could I bake without soy or carb-loaded flours?

I went back to my baking books and studied the basics of how flour works. I’ll talk about what I discovered in my next post.

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