Apologies & A Holiday Tip You’ll Love!

by karlb on December 18, 2007

I am really, really sorry!

I started this blog with the best of intentions. I was going to blog at least weekly–posting recipes, cooking techniques, tips, and sharing my experience as a someone who has been living the low carb lifestyle for nearly 10 years.

But I dropped the ball. My initial enthusiasm failed to carry over into a weekly blogging habit.

For those of you who have waited well over a year for me to finish my baking mix formula, I apologize. I will finish it — and I’ll give you instructions on how to bake with it. I’ll also share my own strategies as a long-term low carber.

In fact, since the holidays are one of the biggest challenges for low carbers, I’d like to share an important tip with you:

Eat some carbs!

Yes, you heard me! Don’t try to get through the holiday feasting without a little indulgence.

One trick I picked up in my years of living the lifestyle is that you can break your low-carb diet one day a week and actually lose more weight! The idea originally came from Bill Phillips’ book, Body For Life. I was following his exercise program in the book (which I still recommend, though I don’t agree with his diet recommendations).

If you’ve been low carbing for at least three months, you may have noticed a plateau in your weight loss. It’s normal for your body to do this as your metabolism adjusts. In my experience (and my wife’s), eating unrestricted carbs one day a week seems to reset your system, so you begin burning fat again.

In the nearly nine years we’ve been eating a carb-restricted diet and taking our once-a-week carb holiday, my wife and I have not packed on extra pounds. And the BIG benefit of this once-a-week holiday is satisfaction. We don’t feel deprived or cheated.

So, yes, that means we will eat a full blown extra large pizza if we want to. Or have a huge honking slice of chocolate raspberry torte for dessert at our favorite restaurant. As long as you keep your carb binge to no more than once a week, you won’t pack on the pounds.

The only caution I offer is don’t take these carb holidays until you’ve trained yourself to resist carbs. It’s important that you don’t fall off the low carb wagon. Don’t let one day a week turn into two, then three, until you’ve ditched low carbing altogether.

So go ahead and enjoy your holiday dinner with the family. Eat a huge helping of potatoes and stuffing. Have some cookies, cake, and pie. Immerse yourself in the holiday festivities. But limit yourself to no more than one day a week.

Have a great holiday season and keep checking back.

This blog is really going to start hopping!

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